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Worse shape? Apple had a record number of phones sold. Mac sales are important but not that important.

How many other companies sold 18,455,000 PCs and tablets last quarter? Sales of PCs and tablets are declining everywhere, not just at Apple. These results look pretty good in that environment. Microsoft Surface revenue was actually down 2% last quarter YOY.

There's been plenty of pressure for Apple to show it's not on the decline. Meanwhile, I haven't noticed increased enthusiasm from consumers or reviewers to explain why Apple's products would be selling better now than ever before.

I wouldn't rule out creative accounting, or actual fraud. The leaks, the analysts, the press, all said Apple was moving less product. Now Apple self-reports "all-time records" left and right.

If you have any evidence for that extraordinary claim that Apple is committing fraud I'd like to see it. You'll make international news, you'll get free holidays being flown around the world for interviews, and it'll be the biggest tech industry news story of the year.

It amazes me that some people are so strongly steeped in the anti-Apple bandwagon that they sooner believe they're committing fraud than that their products are actually popular - despite being able to walk outside their house for a few minutes and see a dozen people using one.

    > than that their products are actually popular
A minor quibble here. No argument that they're popular. What surprises me is why they would be more popular than ever, after a year with so much bad press.

At the same time, they have recently had a couple quarters where they were down year-over-year, so there is definitely incentive.

As to whether they would ever deceive investors... Apple is usually more ethical than your average company, but they have had lapses in judgement before (eg: just google for Apple and "backdating", "antipoaching", "EU consumer law"), so I don't rule anything out.

That said, I have a little regret posting that comment, since it's pure speculation, possibly tinfoil-hat territory.

All the bad press you are talking about is pretty tiny news to most main stream consumers who make up the bulk of Apple's customers.

I don't get the MBPTB backlash, I ordered one 2 days after they announced it and I would absolutely not go back to my previous MB Air or swap to my wife's 1-year-old rMBP. I never touch type on the function row anyway so having to look down is a non-issue and at least now I can customise the bar to do what I want rather than what Apple prescribe.

    > All the bad press you are talking about is pretty tiny news
I see people making this point, but it doesn't match with my experience. I'll grant you the most extreme complaints show up on sites like HN, Reddit, or Twitter, but I wasn't referring only to those. Most major news outlets have had unusually negative coverage of Apple: The New York Times, Consumer Reports, Time Magazine, etc. Once "doesn't have a headphone jack" becomes a late-night comedy gag, it's not a niche story any longer.

    > the MBPTB backlash
I think the expectation that Apple would release other Macs at the same event contributed. If Apple had also announced a new Mac Pro (desktop), or brought back a 17" MBP at the same event, I don't think there would have been any backlash. The MBP/TB became a focal point for everyone who wants Apple to pay more attention to the Mac, and less to iOS.

"What surprises me is why they would be more popular than ever, after a year with so much bad press."

The fact is, most people are not going on sensationalist tech blogs at all, and those that do are mostly not swayed by articles or nerds on the internet telling them what they can and can't buy. Other people think more independently than people like to believe (there's probably a name for this fallacy), it's just hard for some people to understand that someone else could have different priorities.

Those articles and comments are for and by people who have mostly already made up their mind. Blogs preach to the choir. People read and upvote things that confirm the beliefs they already had. Android fanatics will continue to screech about the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone or full size USB on the Mac regardless, and weren't ever going to buy one anyway.

Yeah, the headphone jack removal probably put some people off the iPhone 7, even I admit it's an inconvenience and has been annoying. But despite all the bad press, it's just not, overall, the world ending problem that reddit/Hacker News would have you believe.

I won't pretend Apple has never broken the law or acted immorally, but profit and sales reports aren't like anti-poaching agreements. They have to go through so many people who can catch or oppose them, are so regulated, and are so directly and unambiguously illegal, that there's virtually no chance Apple is deliberately and directly falsifying them.

There's been plenty of pressure for Apple to show it is not on the decline since the 90s.

The "Apple Hype Peaked; nowhere to go but down" and "Does [decision or product] prove Apple as lost its way?" articles are pretty much the canonical lazy tech-journalist's go-to piece when there's nothing else to write.

I say this as a longtime Apple fan who is reluctantly concluding they're moving away from me (don't like the new laptops, don't like paying RAM markups, don't care about always-on voice, etc.)

If you think Apple is lying, I'd strongly encourage you to start shorting now - that won't stay secret long, and you'll make a bundle!

Apple committing crimes by lying to the SEC is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence - something beyond the pundits not expecting this.

During the negative press following the touchbar Macbook announcement Apple themselves said they were receiving record pre-orders on those models. Apple seeing good sales despite vocal complaints isn't anything new.

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