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Indeed. There was nothing special about the Mac line-up in Q1 2016.

Q1 2017 should have seen the release of huge pent-up demand with the new MacBook Pro.

i thought that too. it was... 60000 more? However, there were big shipping delays in the first month of release, so looking at what the Q2 numbers are may be a better judge of the 'demand'. For some folks, though, the demand was tempered by the price, and now hearing there may be yet another refresh in the next year... I think it's keeping more folks on the fence.

I bought one, and returned it, and got a 2015 refurb instead. keep my magsafe, i like the keyboard better, upgraded screen from what I had before (i really like the retina, and didn't have one for years), and about $1000 less.

I like the newer keyboard, but it's louder, and bugged more people in the rooms I shared.

That said, if/when a new refresh comes around with a 32g option, I'll be there.

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