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Show HN: Paralela, a Pay What You Want SaaS for Learning French (parale.la)
11 points by levthedev on Jan 31, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Cool, what made you choose "pay what you want" and how is that working out? Thanks.

I like the Pay What You Want model because the "good" doesn't cost me any money - I've already invested the time in building the site, and at this point I only have a small amount of fixed costs (server, hosting, domain name). So if more people are incentivized to try out Paralela but only want to pay $1, or $2, then that's fine with me, because new users don't cost me anything.

Good answer, makes sense!

I speak 3 languages, so I know what it takes to learn one. And I fail to see how just typing can help you learn any french :(

Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news.

The point of this is to help with vocabulary and spelling, not to teach you French from scratch. As someone who also speaks 3 languages, I can tell you personally that typing out sentences in foreign languages that I speak helps me retain vocabulary and spelling.

Also, just to clarify, but is the live translation working for you? Some older browsers and folks with noscript/ad blockers on have reported the translation not working, and I can see how you'd think this is not very useful if that feature is not working properly.

I guess this means I need to start learning French again ;)

One small issue I have with the onboarding: it jumps right to payment, even before seeing a single lesson.

There is a demo :) you can check it out at https://parale.la/demo/1, it's linked in the nav bar.

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