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https://info-beamer.com/ - Digital signage for the Raspberry Pi. Powered by Lua/OpenGl/OpenMax, so it doesn't depend on a sluggish browser. It started as a for-fun project for a hacker conference and since then I turned it into a profitable business.

I sell something similar for brick & mortar shops. Sells itself and has option to provide add-ons such as maintenance and graphic design (for ads). Mind if we exchange numbera through email? Im looking to adjust pricing but have nothing to compare to.

Sure. Feel free to contact me. Either through the email in my hn profile or on https://info-beamer.com/contact

Thank you, I will. :)

Cool project. The digital signage market is huge. What's your yearly revenue?

Almost enough to make a living so I can basically work on it full-time. I guess there's lots of unused potential if I find the right marketing partner. That's the goal for this year.

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