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I'm not a functional purist, but I find that the functional 'principles' that I benefit the most from, in any context, are 1) massaging my data into the right shape with as few transforms as possible/practical/legible, 2) using pure functions whenever possible (in practice this often means accepting a few extra parameters in lieu of writing the code as a method; avoid 'this' in js, for example), and 3) starting with the data structures and seeing my app as, to a large degree, just a set of transformations on that (which usually is appropriate for the type of stuff I build).

I don't use partial application/currying that much, but more and more over time.

All in all I feel that doing these things have greatly improved my code and efficiency, and I'm kind of waiting for some downtime to get back into learning the more 'hardcore' functional languages.

That's about where I am. I like the idea of being a purist and see the potential gains but practical reasons such as needing to deal with other humans as well as my own lack of intelligence keeps it to this sort of midrange level

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