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Yeah, being oncall for something like a well behaved backend system may be quite nice. I was an SRE for YouTube, and it was an almost constant bloodbath. YouTube's code changes at a relatively fast pace, there's a ton of developers, and it depends on a ton of different backends, and a problem with any of them would make us suffer. To make it worse I had a bit of bad luck, and was a magnet for weird and unlikely outages (bracing for my shift was a running joke in the team). So, if I was oncall at home it usually meant that shit started happening before breakfast and I didn't get enough quiet time to take my 10 minute bus ride to the office :)

This said, I really enjoyed the experience. Yes, it was tiring and stressful, but it was also super interesting and exciting. Being responsible for such a huge site was incredible, and the feeling of figuring out how to overcome a big outage was exhilarating. I actually miss the pager drama from time to time (my wife does not).

When you say outage does it mean youtube.com doesn't work at all, like reddit does some times or just few nodes of your load balancer give out?

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