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The match is just my personal preference to deal with option types, because I personally think it's cleaner to read. This reduces the number of flatMap chains in my code, but again, personal preference.

  Option(JavaClassFactory.staticMethodThatCanReturnNull()).map(i => i + 1).getOrElse(0)
This is a very readable function, imo, and is how 99% of Scala programmers deal with legacy Java libraries. Scala even has the Try() object, where you can do something like this:

  Try(OldJavaClass.methodThatThrowsExceptions()).toOption.map(i => i + 1).getOrElse(0)
It makes creating service-layer code so much simpler because you aren't caught in that rut of "well now I have to deal with this exception at the controller level". You can head off all that garbage very quickly. I suspect that a lot of Java Optional coders will start acting like this.

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