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I had a music teacher do exactly this to a class when I was 10 or so, and it's one of the most memorable school experiences for me as a child. The purpose was something like explaining yourself well, rather than programming, but the idea is the same.

We needed to describe how to draw some sheet music on the chalkboard, but you couldn't gesture (we could only communicate through an imaginary phone line), and he would take whatever you said as literally as possible and opposite of your original intention as he could.

"Ok, draw 5 lines" (Draws 5 squiggles) "No! 5 straight lines" (draws 5 lines in various locations and directions) "Nooo! 5 straight lines, above each other, horizontal!" (Draws the 5 lines of a musical staff, but 2 inches long and 3 feet vertical spacing between each line). "Nooooo! 5 straight lines, above each other, horizontal, they should be very long and close together" (Takes out a piece of paper from his desk, draws the staff on it) "NOOOO! On the chalkboard!" etc

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