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A nephew of mine (~9) got a Kano for Christmas and the setup and all the gamified coding exercises were really fun. He really enjoyed them.

Perhaps something to explore as a platform as well as it's not too expensive and comes with what you need to hack around.

It comes with Minecraft Py installed and has a few tasks to customize a level, character, etc. Python dev tools comes installed as well as Scratch and other exercises.

The idea of gamifying tasks across the platform is interesting especially if you think of a class of folks and a leaderboard or something - maybe not something to stress but some folks like competition more than others to drive them to learn.


I highly recommend Kanos. I backed them on kickstarter and got Kanos for each of my kids. They all got them assembled and running and started working through the programming exercises with them. For some it inspired other follow on programming explorations.

Lately I've reset the learning process focusing more on basics (networking, files, processes, utilities, etc) rather than programming.

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