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Slightly off-topic, but my guess is that the next 4 years will be the golden age of privacy (in general), file-sharing and maybe even distributed web & federated services - for the US at least.

Do you mean the golden age of private infrastructure, or the golden age of folks combatting a non-private infrastructure? Because from my point of view, privacy in the US is only going to continue to get worse (and that's not even necessarily a dig at the current administration).

What I mean is (I guess) people will be seriously considering their privacy - especially online/digital one.

Yup. I already formatted/reinstalled everything.. beefed up the encryption usage.. pretty much changed to a whitelist of domains on my tomato router and got me some OTP/U2F devices.. need to switch to Tor for browsing though.. and what else would people recommend?

It's plausible. My sincere, dark hope is that a Trump administration will shock everyone awake in a big way to why broad surveillance is a terrible idea.

Unfortunately it will probably take a huge scandal that baldly and stupidly shows how unchecked those powers are and what can be possible with them. I think Trump is capable of that kind of misstep. Like say SNL writers were PMing each other a tasteless joke about assassinating Trump and the president tweets about it and orders their arrest.

In the end, something dramatic like that could actually have a really positive effect on the consciousness of the public. It could also have a really negative effect where people accept the new normal. It's hard to know.

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