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"In the end the topic is gone in both cases."

No, it isn't. It went to the National Archives, where it is still available in its original form.

The same thing happened and/or will happen with all the other records of the Obama presidency.

I didn't mean gone in that sense, I meant gone from the list of topics on the White House website, gone from the list of topics the government wants to be associated with if you want.

If you use the Wayback Machine you should be able to verify that the Obama website didn't have a page on climate (or on lgbt, for that matter) when he first took office - it took years to put one there.

Administrations tend to put up a page at whitehouse.com on issue X when they want to trumpet or otherwise refer to what the administration has DONE about issue X. Since Trump just got elected, he hasn't done anything noteworthy on climate, so there's no page describing what he's done - speeches he's given, bills he's signed, etcetera. Since there's no such page, there's no such topic. Simple as that.

The topics there now seems to be cut-and-paste from his campaign site; it's essentially a placeholder to be filled out later.

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