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Quit Facebook Day is May 31. Will you quit? (quitfacebookday.com)
26 points by ssclafani on May 14, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 30 comments

No. It's the best and simplest way to communicate with my family and relatives that I can't visit on a daily basis.

Yesterday I revised my privacy settings to remove some lame things like Applications being able to use my information. Even then, I have no personal info on Facebook apart from some wall posts (with no real useful information) and my friends list. No activities, interests, etc. listed

Incidentally, Quietly Reinstate Your Facebook Account Day is June 1st.

No, I won't quit. I only give it my contact information, which is private, and it's a useful networking tool. It's not a binary decision to either use facebook or quit, just decrease the amount of personal information you put on it.

Part of the issue is facebook integration which doesn't give you the control of what sites are getting data about you from facebook, and which are giving facebook information about you.

Facebook is becoming what we always feared Google might.

I've now seen this for May 14th (today), 10/10/2010, now 5/31... it's sort of getting old. If you don't want to use it, close your account.

This isn't a crack addiction, I don't think you need a group of 100 people to do it with you for support. Or is it?

Why do you assume it's for support? I think that doing it on specific dates is intended to make it a statement, a visible drop in statistics.

Considering Facebook has north of 400 million users, how big of a dent do you need to be noticed?

A few thousand people quitting on May 31st just won't matter.

No. I use Facebook for business and there's not another website that my startup will have 18k fans on.

I won't quit Facebook for the moment. I'm second to none in trying to raise consciousness about Facebook privacy issues. (I always upvote such links here, and I share such links liberally from my Facebook profile, and on email lists I subscribe to.) But Facebook search


and Give Me My Data


provide me enough spot checks on how my Facebook privacy is working. Consciousness-raising among my friends keeps their Facebook behavior in writing about me prudent. I like mash-up conversations among old friends and new about links I share--my main use of Facebook is to use it for social linking, like HN on all the topics I find interesting and would discuss with my friends anyhow.

But, yeah, I'll keep my eyes open for a reason to quit, and I do MUCH less "liking," "fanning," and "joining" on Facebook than I used to, since I found out how public those acts are. I still don't know if Facebook has a successful plan for monetizing its use by non-doofuses who refuse to read ads or play time-wasting games.

"I still don't know if Facebook has a successful plan for monetizing its use by non-doofuses who refuse to read ads or play time-wasting games." Why do they need that, when there are millions of "doofuses" to profit off of?

Their idea could use a little work. Of all the days in the year they could pick, they choose a national holiday when most people are going to be out and about and not at home using the internet.

No. I considered it when the privacy issues first arose, but then I realized I'd miss the little things. For instance, my phone syncs profile pictures with Facebook, so when my friends or family call me, I automatically see a picture of them without me having to set (or take) pictures manually. Instead, I decided to take a more active role in my privacy on Facebook. Yesterday, I removed a lot of information from my profile and severely restricted my privacy settings.

Lastly, I added an activity ("Monitoring my Facebook privacy settings") to my profile and shared it with my friends on Facebook and Twitter (and even posted it here on HN) to raise awareness. I think if enough people added that activity to their profile, it would be just as effective at making a statement while still allowing me to keep in touch with my friends and family.

For those that are interested, the page for the "Monitoring my Facebook privacy settings" activity is here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Monitoring-my-Facebook-priv... Clicking "like" will add it to your profile as an activity.

Nope. I'm not concerned about it. None of my Facebook data is private or valuable enough for me to care about privacy.

Amongst all my friends Facebook is almost entirely the only communication tool save for cell phones. Any good alternatives which won't have the problems that Facebook does that I can work on switching them all to?

Right now I'm waiting for one of the open network projects to mature.

No. But all the info I've been seeing on privacy issues did prompt me to update my privacy settings so that I share basically nothing.

Facebook is too useful a platform for sharing photos and the like to get rid of it entirely...

No. Ask me again once Diaspora or OneSocialWeb or whatever provides a viable alternative.

I tainted my data long ago, and only log on every few months to PM a friend or something, so I'm not too concerned atm.

Oh... I've been meaning to quit but I'm afraid of logging in and seeing what my profile looks like ;p Guess I'll support the movement on May 31st

I won't quit because I can't take my data with me and use it elsewhere. If I could do those, then yes I'd leave tomorrow.

You may be interested in the Data Portability project: http://dataportability.org/

Is there a facebook group for that?

I want to be a fan. Just for for the sake of it.

Already did.

Same, but a long time ago (before it was cool to do so)


if you don't delete your account, use this to check that you have locked down all your Facebook info: http://www.rabidgremlin.com/fbprivacy/

No offense, but to test/verify our privacy settings on FB you want us to provide our FB login info to an un-trusted site.

Thanks but no thanks..

Yeah I know it seems a bit off but it's better then not knowing what you are leaking.

BTW the latest version also shows you what is exposed when you just hit a "like" button.

No. I never ever used it for anything I would consider private.

I never started.

No but I've removed all information from my profile page (except for that information which is currently unedittable due to no one at Facebook thinking about Privacy, let alone testing their god damn releases), and I've removed all posts from my wall.

I'm setting my profile to read only and I'm going to hack together something that will allow people to use Facebook Connect to write on a self-hosted wall. A sort of self hosted Facebook page.

The only thing I'm leaving hosted at Facebook is my photos.

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