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i kinda found this presentation to be chock full of "i am right, you are wrong" "i know better than you" et cetera. it's as if he's trying to coerce people into using what -he- thinks is best and what -he- prefers, but not really caring for sorting out the facts or explaining the details to give people a big enough picture to make educated choices of their own. "just go with this and that, trust me it's the best". no question actual knowledge is in there, the guy knows cryptology, but this seems to be a slide for indoctrinating people into sharing his preferences in crypto, not for teaching, and i personally find it to be the completely wrong approach.

i know better than you

Well, I do know better than my audience. That's why they came to my talk. :-)

Given a one hour overview though there has to be some of this. No time for the history of cryptography and the pros and cons of all the methods employed. It seems he wanted the audience to take away some key points that if without any other knowledge should prevent the majority of attacks.

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