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I'll be interested to hear the thoughts behind the "Probably Avoid" recommendation on DSA and EC signatures. They're both attractive in some situations because they produce much shorter signatures than RSA.

The recommendation for AES-256 over AES-128 runs contrary to Schneier's advice. It makes it hard for the non-experts when the experts can't agree...

DSA and EC both have benefits in some rare circumstances. That's the 1% of the time when you ought to consult a cryptographer.

I'm aware that my advice concerning AES does not match Schneier's advice. I don't think he takes side channel attacks seriously enough.

He also thought "cube cryptanalysis" was going to break most modern ciphers. Do you think he's a serious practitioner? I think he's a pundit.

I think Schneier does less cryptography now than he used to, but I would still say that he's much more than just a pundit.

I'm interested in why you think that (I'm in listen mode here, not argue mode).

Hmm. I'm having trouble putting my finger on anything really concrete right now. More than anything else I'd say that it's just a general impression from how well in touch he seems to be with current events.

He was part of the SHA-3 team that proposed Skein. I think he also coauthored a paper on some advances in attacks on hashes with Kelsey recently.


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