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> That was absolutely not what I intended to say with this admittedly tongue-in-cheek quip.

Thank you for clarifying.

> There is a kernel of (subjective) truth in there though: if you find yourself agreeing with one side of a meme war 100% on everything, it's most likely time to rethink some assumptions.

Yes. But "you're probably wrong if you agree with anyone completely" and "you're probably right if you disagree with most people" are very different.

> > Group identity and culture wars are not new (and are certainly not going away).

> I thought I addressed that.

I think here it's me who has been unclear. That was just an introductory remark. The substance of that part of my comment was to wonder whether the internet is really what's been exacerbating the current culture wars and factionalism, or if it's just coincidental. I still don't feel confident either way on that question.

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