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I know it's trendy to hate FB right now but don't underestimate the ignorance factor in all of this.

True, but also consider how those two sites evolved. When I post a tweet, I know that it is essentially the same as me taking out an ad in the paper or shouting it at people in the pub. I'm fairly careful with regards to what I post. When I started using Facebook, it was very much about communicating with the group of people you have approved as friends. Over time it has transformed into something much more public, I believe without the bulk of the userbase realising.

A big difference is that from the start Twitter was public whereas Facebook was private. Then Facebook changed it to my public by default. Since most people don't change from the default, people are using service (Facebook) that they thought was private, but is now actually public. It's the change from 'default private' to 'default public' that's the biggest thing.

Good point...it's not clear that any of those posts were really meant to be private

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