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Side note, but I really dislike the current trend (in in-memory databases, to be clear) of not bothering to include any real provisions for durability and justifying it by saying "NVRAM exists." It effectively doesn't for anyone who need to be able to deploy to off-the-shelf environments, and it's super expensive (and if you're going for performance, like most of the research projects are, countering by using the database in a clustered configuration would be counterproductive). Are there any cloud providers who provide NVRAM in any configuration?

But, it provides a dead easy way to publish a research work, claim insane speedups, and not worry about disk journals, caches, in flight data corner cases when VM is snapshoted, etc.

Flash storage is nvram, so yes, hosting companies offer it.

there are many types of NVM's not all of them are available on most hosting providers one of the big player offering ssd on cloud is digitalocean

Not in the sense that people mean in these papers, and you know it. It doesn't have even close to the same performance characteristics.

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