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> 4) We seem to run in different circles. Almost everyone I know dismisses relational databases without question. Mongo is the way to go. And I get called out as the resident old fart/luddite who insists on using postgres. Speaking of which, if the first things you think of with relational DBs are Teradata and Oracle, we are definitely operating in different contexts.

I suppose I run with more...sensible devs? I mean a lot of my co-workers are Millennial Hipster Rubyist types, and they'll pick a Postgres or MySQL database literally every time and never leave it with their cold dead hands. One team here even built their own queuing system on top of some Ruby and MySQL. (Please don't ask. They had...reasons but they basically reinvented Kafka.)

These same teams really try to avoid Redis, also.

Of course, these teams are writing REST APIs with very strict SLAs. Most the time I see MongoDB and other "NoSQL" DBs used is when you have front end JS devs writing the Node backend code. >.>

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