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We are larger than Slack

We've been using Discord a bunch at our company (HearthSim). We have a server for our user community, one for our open source org and one for our company. It's superb, works so much better than Slack ever could.

Are companies a market you're serious about? There is so much focus on gaming, it's hard to be sure. I mentioned to support recently one of our prime issues as a company is being limited to a single owner per server.

PS: Are you the same Stanislav Vishnevskiy I'm thinking about? I remember working on Guildwork with you!

I sure am!

Add me on Discord if you wanna chat Stanislav#7943

In what metrics? Number of users? Number of paying users? Valuation? Headcount?

Seconding this question. Can you share the equivalent discord numbers for the slack numbers at the link below?


We currently don't share exact metrics for all those stats, but we have shared a few press releases and blog posts which you can easily extrapolate from. :)

I'm pretty sure he's suggesting number of users. Looks like roughly 11 vs 4 million?

Definitely not paying users / valuation currently. Slack is pretty massive there.


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