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I worked my ass off at a startup, sleeping under the desk, weekends. The usual. At one point I needed a break and informed them that I was taking a break. Two months cycling through Europe.

When I came back, they'd moved and I had the best cubicle reserved for my return. They missed me but only because I forced the issue.

Sorry I don't follow. So you came back, and the company had moved but they reserved a cubicle for you at the new office? What does you forcing the issue have to do with them missing you?

> the best cubicle

No small thing on a place parent presumably spent a lot of time.

It sounds like you realized you needed a break before it was too late (i.e. "burnout"), which is obviously good. But why did you return to this grind?

Interesting work and stock. I was partially vested and I could/should have looked around.

Don Knuth said something (about TeX): never spend more than 2 years of your life on something. I've broken that rule several times but I'd counsel following it on startups, especially someone else's startup.

Sounds like a good rule. One that I happen to have followed when it comes to work and broken when it comes to studying (which I know consider mostly a waste of time).


Sorry it sounds like the Stockholm syndrome.

I don't recall the Stockholm captives being well paid, free to leave at any point, with medical benefits and stock options doing interesting work with some decently cool people. Gotta Wikipedia cite on that, skipper?

What is the learning here ?

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