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I'm sorry this has happened to you. I hope it can serve as a warning to other HNers that companies are not your friends, and that it's never worth investing yourself like crazy in it as an employee. Any employer will throw you under the bus as soon as possible, and possibly has already planned that in the contract you signed. That applies to three person startups all the way to gigantic multinationals.

Enjoy your personal time, leave at 6PM, turn off work email/slack/anything and do things that make you feel better as a person.

Very much this. There is a bit of a lie we all participate in at many companies of nearly every size, though sometimes much more so at small startups. The lie is that we are all on the same team and all in this together. In reality, the team are those who actually own the company by virtue of the money they've put in (i.e., investors). Time is regarded as a non-asset, regardless of how much you invest into the company. So everyone else is there to help the real team succeed, and in so doing, hopefully get a little money yourself. Now, sure, I hope to find rewarding work and such, but I also choose riskier startups because of the potential upside (though likely small).

Sure there is always the possibility of landing work at a unicorn that is worth billions, but I think the problem is that many of us are too willing to give up parts of our lives in the hope of some very unlikely return. Either the industry needs to figure out how to value time as an asset in a meaningful way, or crazy startup-hours need to stop.

So you're saying that Silicon Valley is full of temporarily embarrassed Zuckerbergs?

Seeing it from afar, it's worse than that. Seems to me it's full of temporarily embarrassed Zuckerbergs that also happen to be blind to the reality of the world.

Or you just charge a good salary, since after all if one is to be an employee, let's keep things good for everybody. To the owners, this is your company, and for us, hell if you want to build a rocket to the moon I'll help but this is my fee.

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