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By "low level software engineers" do you mean low level in the sense of relatively low experience or low level in the sense of working on embedded systems etc?

They mentioned Uber/FB/Google, none of whom are really in the embedded systems game (Google maybe to a lesser extent).

As in entry level.

Where are you living where entry level software engineer salaries are north of 200k? I'm in the bay area and base salaries for software engineering with a bachelor's degree range from 90-115k from what I've seen (generally with some stock options and bonus potential added on top but I've never met anyone who's come even close to 200k starting out)

He's talking about total comp, not just base salary. If you're looking at total comp, there's many many late stage unicorns and large public companies that have comp packages north of $200k for entry level engineers straight out of college. I've seen comp packages for many of these companies.

He's talking about Google and Uber. Those definitely pay around that much.

In total compensation, sure. But base salary that high is unlikely. Consider also that Uber isn't public, so the non-salary comp isn't worth anything yet.

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