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Goodness. Seriously? Another notes "app"? Longevity exists in ASCII text (UTF-8 if you must be a Modernist). Portability exists in simple plain text files. Privacy exists in keeping them on your own blankety-blank drive and backing up your own files somewhere that isn't a fluffy cloud. Or back them up there if you want.

Oh, now someone will say, but what about photos and images? What about "clippings" from the web? Images are to be in a properly tagged image library. And a dozen software solutions have already solved that. Documents are PDFs or TIFFs or JPGs or.... something like that. Put them in, gasp, a "folder" ("directory" for geeks) and call it something like "documents".

I don't know what "notes" people are so desperate to save, but if they are your own ramblings... plain-text. If they are writings, make a folder called "writings". Use markdown or ReStructured Text if you must, but trust me, the "must" is your must. No one else cares. It will all burn eventually.

Plain text will still be here as it has been for four decades. Your app, OneNote, EverNote, NoteyNote, and all the rest will all burn. Or be hacked. Or stolen. Or not be backwards-compatible with whatever new NiftyNote comes along.

Plain-text. Stop making these. The problem was solved 40 years ago. Solve something else. Maybe Cancer. Maybe how to install Windows 10 in 3 minutes or less. Maybe public transportation.

But for all our sakes, no more Notes apps. You are actually accomplishing the opposite of what you set out to achieve - further distracting people from an ancient standard which works Just Fine For Almost Everyone.

By the way, if you are That Guy (you the reader) who thinks your special (said with a lisp) notes deserve better than Plain Text, you probably are wrong.

Same with To-Do list apps. Plain-text. Just write down your tasks - and then go do them. Stop prioritizing, colorizing, making 'sub-tasks', attaching deadlines, putting time estimates, "sharing" them with others (oh for the love of all things holy, stop sharing anything), and adding javascrap drag and drop junk to it. Either buy Microsoft Project and use that or use Plain Text. There is no in-between - just clutter. Lots and lots of clutter.

Not sure why this comment in support of plain text was downvoted, but I wholeheartedly agree that plain text is the way to go in your own or no particular data format. Write now, parse later. Deft OrgMode emacs TheBrain xml csv tsv json md vim vimwiki tiddlywiki mediawiki evernote nv freemind i can go on and on... I tried them all and the only the ones that stay will support human readable plain text. For me that is line base unix utf-8 Trust your future self in 10 years not having to look up a data spec. grep awk find are friends for life

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