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I spent 1.5 years writing a ton of code using RethinkDB, and the last two months rewriting all the code (and more) using PostgreSQL. You are completely right, e.g., "For RethinkDB, it was wrong to try to force people to learn a new language to use a DB, when there are just tons of interfaces already, and the new language has incremental benefits over say SQL." rings very true. SQL is incredibly expressive and the tooling around it is very mature.

So I disagree with this. One of the things I loved about RethinkDB was the fact that it did away with SQL. The problem with SQL (in high transaction applications anyway), is that performance isn't necessarily reproducible, or determinable from the query. You are at the mercy of how the query optimizer decided fetch your data. The more complicated your query, the less you can can out reproducible performance.

With RQL you could very clearly determine how rethinkdb was fetching your data, and you knew it was going to get your data in the same way every time the query ran.

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