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I on the other hand find Bear horrible. You are completely locking yourself into their system and if you stop paying the monthly fee, you even loose the ability to sync your things to your phone or Mac.

On top of that, I find their organization features not very good. The ability to tag notes seems neat at first but it can become very messy very fast. Completely freeform tagging requires a lot of discipline to not get out of hand, nested tags make this even more difficult. This is especially true for a notes app that is supposed to last you over many many years and possibly hold thousands of notes at some point.

I personally bought Ulysses and use that as my notes taking app for text-only documents, and Apple Notes for short-lived image related notes.

Ulysses is interesting, but what justifies its high purchase cost (the Mac app costs over 60 CAD)?

It's more a full blown, fully customizable writing app targeted at writers. Using it only for notes is probably not doing it justice.

In any way, my point is, I personally rather pay a price and own the piece of software than renting an app. In the case of Ulysses, I can still use the same version that I currently own in 10 years even if the company behind it goes out of business (given it will still run on our machines that we use at that point) + updates until the next paid upgrade (if that happens). I am not locked into a sync solution and can freely switch from iCloud to Dropbox to <other folder sync technology> to make it future proof.

Bear on the other hand is even more uncertain. Sure, the subscription is helping the developer to keep the app running but once I stop paying that, I will loose crucial features. Also a subscription doesn't guarantee that something unexpected will happen to Shinyfrog (the company behind it).

I own, use, and enjoy Ulysses, but I wouldn't buy it at its current price.

Edit: It's fantastic software, but I wish it handled images as simply as Quiver.

I agree. If inlining images would be as easy as in Bear, I would be very very happy. As it stands, I have to preview my document to see the images

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