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Love it so far! I'm going to play around with hosting my own server, looks like the current one is here? https://github.com/standardfile/ruby-server/tree/master

A couple things that could be useful: 1. Add version tags to the git repo, that way I don't have to wonder what's changed between deploys 2. Official standard notes docker image or dockerfile in repo 3. CloudFormation or Terraform template link in the README would really sweet.

Actually... If I can finish up the work I'm actually supposed to be doing I can send you some of this stuff later...

Noticed you're using AWS. Everything looks great, but now that you're getting serious traffic you may want to pre-emptively sign up for business support (if you haven't already), I noticed they give you a free month for the "self-starter" startup pack: https://aws.amazon.com/activate/self-starters/ . I used to work for AWS Support, I'm not affiliated any more, but there is a huge difference in response times, also the chat and phone call options are much faster, and you can really ask about anything not just specific problems (architecture guidance, best practices).

Thanks, now that I know people are using the Ruby server I'll start versioning it. I agree, those items would be great to have. Will definitely try to get to it. In the meantime, feel free to submit a pull request for any of those items and I'll be happy to merge it in.

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