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I've had serious difficulty[1][2][3] with Apple's Notes.app over the past 18 months. So much so that I've written some JXA (Javascript for Automation) code to extract all of my notes to self-contained HTML files.

Now that I have 923 notes in HTML files on my hard drive, I can do whatever I want with them. My current plan is to import them into OneNote because they have good app coverage across platforms and they just released what looks like a pretty solid API that lets you import and export notes.

Maybe I (or somebody else) can write an importer for Standard Notes to make it easy to switch from Apple Notes?

[1] Notes not syncing across devices

[2] Search not working at all on Mac

[3] Moving subfolders of notes in the app makes the notes completely disappear

The file format for Standard Notes is pretty straightforward, wouldn't imagine being too difficult to write an importer: http://standardfile.org/#import-export

The Evernote converter lives in this repo: https://github.com/standardnotes/sntools

If you ever decide to build an importer, feel free to submit a pull request and I'd be happy to merge it.

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