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I like this idea. It's remarkable how bad the Apple Notes apps are. I'm trying to get started with Standard Notes but running into trouble. Both Standard File servers are down: https://n3.standardnotes.org https://n1.standardnotes.co.uk

Hey, you should go to https://app.standardnotes.org. Those servers are not meant to be visited. You plug those in into the app.

Edit: I should really set up redirects for those.

Purely out of curiosity - what do you find remarkably bad about Apple Notes?

For context, I use Apple Notes frequently but not regularly (~100 notes over four years) and suspect my use is not heavy enough to uncover limitations.

I didn't think it was bad until I realized there was no feature to export your notes.

Hmm, good point, looks like you can export individual notes as PDF, but that's it.

I use the Workflow app on iOS, and I have a feeling it would be relatively trivial to write a workflow that loops through all your notes and writes them all to text files in Dropbox or something else like that. Of course Workflow is a paid app, but it's about the closest you can get to "programming" on iOS without a paid developer account.

Well, the notes are stored as HTML text fields in a SQLite database somewhere in /Library. You could easily write a script to export them directly from there.

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