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I have settled on Google Keep for my note-taking, for ease of use and durability. I like that Standard Notes is similar, but adds privacy and the option for self-hosting. Being open source and extensible is a bonus!

I love Google Keep but I wonder when they will kill it. When Google Apps aren't directly monetized it makes me worry (Wave, Reader, etc).

That's my thought exactly. I was shocked when they updated it December 16th last year! Maybe there was other updates last year too, but year, totally amazed they've let this little beauty last so long.

Same thoughts here, but if there are enough Keep users on Android, Google will likely try pushing some mobile subscriptions to upgrade.

I like Google Keep as well, but I can only really use it for "simple" notes that I take while mobile. The lack of any kind of formatting system is a detriment I think.

Also, the UI on desktop is pretty poor. A native mac app would be a huge boost.


It's a shame there is no public Keep API to play with. I would write the app myself!

I used to like Keep as well, but I needed something that would work offline, even trello wasn't an option. I ended up writing my own version of a todo manager (in a language I wanted to learn). A very simple and basic version, it even has an API and a cli client!!


I use google keep as a todo/planning app and VSCode with Markdown extension as a note taking app.

I found Google Keep much too basic. Now I'm using Google Docs and I'm fairly happy.

Some of the features I like about it:

  Formatting support
  Edit history
  Android App
  Good web interface
  Syncs perfectly between platforms with simultaneous editing
  Google is unlikely to disappear with my data anytime soon, and has been good about letting you take your data with Google Takeout
And some things I don't like:

  My own Cloud/NSA paranoia
  no end-to-end encryption AFAIK
  Android app sometimes slow to open a note for editing

I use Google Keep. But I plan to move off of it after I accidentaly removed part of the note and noticed then that there is no undo at all. Even notepad.exe has 3 step undo, so that is totally unacceptable.

I want to use Google Keep but it's a lot slower (on a mac) as compared to using markdown notes saved locally and accessed using nvalt or atom

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