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You're right, but that point isn't relevant.

What you're giving is an explanation, not an excuse. Nobody is incredulous at Google's motivations (money). We're just not satisfied with it.

Before you can solve a problem, you must identify it clearly. That's what we're doing here. Saying "yeah but it's only logical" isn't the point. Look:

> It's up to us to find a way to kill google and take back our internet.

You mean, like discussing why AMP is bad and why we shouldn't use it?

But we don't need an excuse. However the explanation seems necessary given that:

- we saw it happen once;

- we said it would happened again;

- we said how;

- we said why;

- and it happened again.

And apparently nobody gives a damn. People are still trying to get short term gains by adapting to Google's will and wrecking our industry, efficiently sawing the branch we are all seating on.

So yeah, we need to give the explanation. Again. And again. Until people hear it.

We are responsible of the situation.

Not Google. Before Google there was others like MS, and after they will be others. It's like a disease. You don't blame diseases, it's very useless, you explain, and you act.

Yes, your site will not make as much money. But for God sake, it's the same rational for green energy, criminal prevention and the like. You pay NOW because you understand that it's necessary on the long run.

> Before Google there was others like MS, and after they will be others

MS had their cases in court where they had to pay a lot of money for violating laws. Maybe it's time for Google to go through the same phase.

It didn't change MS. They just adapted. Now they have better PR, so people comes to HN, reddit and imgur to sing their song for them instead of doing quircky adds. Right now Gates is having so much praise it's like he is Mandela and Buddah's outspring.

You are making an assumption (an incorrect one, I think) that providing explanations causes people's behavior to change.

You are kinda right. But not making sure the explanations keep being spread does make it easier to forget or ignore it, and even fewer people would care. It's not a good strategy to gain traction, but not doing it make you loose it even more.

No, everyone on here shouldn't need explanation on why amp is bad.

Especially when its a closed system that Google insists serving to your customers from Google's private servers. No technologist or business person would/should ever stand for that. Yet we are forced to.

The discussion should really be, how do we dislodge Google from its current entrenched position.

Uh, use a different search engine? Am I missing something?

Yeah, a whole host of technical and legal methods that go beyond an incredibly hard collective-action problem.

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