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Solving a math problem to create art [pdf] (pnas.org)
60 points by lainon on Jan 16, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Here's my take on the same problem (+ animations)


There are also more details+references on the algorithm which spreads the points evenly and aesthetically (Voronoi stippling).

Cool! I really like the animations!

> To create his pictures, Bosch uses a computer program toconvert a drawing (or painting or photograph) into a scattering of dots

I think Bosch is using AJ Secord's work here:


I'm also wondering if EMSLabs got the idea from him, or the other way around:


EDIT: Also, plenty of other people have tinkered with this since, for example:



Awesome – always interested in programming-related art. I was struck by the result in the article not for its novelty but for how similar it looks to a space-filling Hilbert curve https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilbert_curve.

If you're interested in generative art you might like http://inconvergent.net/.

If you're interested in experimenting web-as-medium you might like reading/contribituing to my digital "zine": http://freezine.xyz.

I remember spending hours on Jared Tarbell's website when I had slow Internet and Java applets were hot :



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