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How do other people respond when watching ads ?

Do they think

  - "meh it's all bs ..."
  - "hmm I'd like that! can't wait to go to the mall and get one"
  - "oh I didn't know this, it could help me <there>"

I recall feeling 3) once in my life, it surprised me because that was my first deep positive reaction to an ad. Even though I've seen similar products all my life.

Does marketing count on negative bias in their theory ? "he may dislike the add but we have a foot in the door now, he'll buy our shit later"

They respond with a vague feeling of familiarity to a brand or product.

But all sorts of brands have commercials..

This is one of the big problems. It's an arms race, with the costs being passed directly on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

Indeed. I wonder if there are regulations or theory on what's appropriate or not... otherwise it's like ebay auction gambling.

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