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That is hilarious.

I remember when I moved to a new apartment once, two of my friends told me how to get free meals. Every time they moved they wrote several restaurants about their terrible experience, how their staff was unprofessional and how they were embarrassed brining their relatives there. They'd get like 15 free meal vouchers for Chili's, O'Charlies, Red Lobster, etc.

That's a real asshole move if you ask me. Blaming others for something they haven't done just to get some free meals.

You know that someone might get fired, right?

The use of "free" here externalizes the cost of the time it takes to write or call restaurants, which could be potentially used for more rewarding activities. And assuming that the person is not a sociopath, it also externalizes the burden of introducing a new internal dialogue that tells you that you're acting unethically.

Why would you do this when moving in particular?

Well, you can basically do it once with the restaurants in your new neighborhood. Otherwise it would probably ring the alarm bells for someone if the same guys are complaining and receiving vouchers multiple times. Anyway, it's a scam.

Why do you have to be near any of these restaurants to do this? I assume these are chains and the vouchers are valid at any franchise. Just spam complaints from different e-mails and never pay for food.

Seems like such an obvious scam there must be some reason it can't work.

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