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I agree, but like someone else pointed out on this thread, this was probably a third party agency who built the site. If they had closed shop for the holidays, and everyone at the agency was overseas visiting family etc., then the response would be difficult.

At best, perhaps a programmer could be pulled away from his Christmas pudding to hack a patch remotely on his laptop, or take down the site entirely until they could handle it properly?

Just speaking from my own experience here - I run a small web dev agency, and I know that during the Christmas break, we can only offer rudimentary patch up work for our clients, and that is only depending on the internet connection at wherever our team members are.

Just a reply of "Hi, our IT staff confirms this is a security issue. We intend to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your help." doesn't need to wait for the 3rd party agency to come back from holiday.

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