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For the mobile app.

They also have contests like Monopoly.

Neither of you answered the question:

> why do people need a password for their website?

Why does the mobile app need a password for the website? (Why does McD's need a mobile app?) Why does Monopoly need a password?

It worked just fine back in the days before there were mobile apps; peeling a sticker off fries doesn't require a mobile app. Heck, Coke was more fun back then because you could win a free coke or stuff. Now I'll never win a free anything, because I'll never sign up for every asinine website.

My data is either being sold, or stockpiled into a database that's waiting to be hacked.

Don't know why McD's has a mobile app, but Chick-fil-A has an awesome one that lets you place an order remotely, drive into the designated parking spot, press a button, and get the food run out to your vehicle. It's a lot of fun.

I saw this movie... I think it was called "Wall-E"?

Hehe. For what it's worth, the bugs aren't all worked out yet so you do have to walk into the building a lot to get your food. :P They also have it for dine-in customers.

Is Maccy's monopoly all digital now in the states or something?

Across the pond, we still get the little stickers and the fold out 'boards' to stick them on.

On a related note, I cleared out the zipper part of the notes section of my wallet the other day, mostly old receipts and bus tickets - but I also found a bunch of expired monopoly stickers from last year, 4 free apple pies, 2 free drinks, 1 free hot drink, 2 free cheeseburgers and 1 free fries.

Someone remind me to never put things away 'safely' when they have a use-by date on them...

You still get the physical pieces but they all have unique redemption codes printed on them. I assume if you win anything besides a free drink, they make you input the redemption codes to prevent counterfeiting.

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