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I remember using the original keyboard productivity extension for Firefox, "hit-a-hint"[1] back in Firefox 1 & 2. Since discovering vimperator after, it has been an essential extension on par with an ad blocker. However, I found it consistently broke on new releases of Firefox and could take months to fix. Pentadactyl wasn't any better in this regard. For example, the current extension page says it only works up to Firefox 38! I eventually switched to the less powerful extension VimFX[2] that can run on newer versions of Firefox. It has more than 90% of what you use in vimperator: movement, hints, and tab management. And really, things like the vimperator extension bar were made for a time before the awesome bar, which can now do things like completions, searching with keywords, and switching focus to other bookmarks or tabs. It will be sad to see it go when Firefox finally deprecates XUL based extensions, it's like a piece of history!

[1] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hit-a-hint/ [2] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/vimfx/?src=se...

Yes! I love being able to click on links from the keyboard! Sadly, a lot of new interfaces make it hard for programs to recognize clickable links.

I went through a phase where I became obsessed with doing everything from the keyboard rather than mouse[1] and that led me to pentadactyl (and then to vim[2]), an add-on I fell in love with.

When the FF upgrades made it stop working I read the docs for how to compile pentadactyl, and I fixed version compatibility. That became an ongoing thing. (One time I also had to fix a bug in the build script.)

Sadly, about six months ago, Firefox banned unsigned addons, so I couldn't use pentadactyl even if I allowed them in the config, leading me to write this Hitler parody (and move to vimperator/vimfx):


[1] even registered tyrannyofthemouse.com

[2] I would have have heard about vim sooner but for not having much contact with programmers

> Yes! I love being able to click on links from the keyboard!

You don't need an extension to do that in Firefox. Press the <'> key and start typing, you'll get an incremental search like </> gives you, but limited to hyperlink text. Once it's highlighted any bit of the link you want, press <CR> to follow it. Works in Seamonkey, too.

Interesting! Didn't know that, thanks! I still prefer the pop-up codes in the extensions, though; they also allow the option of doing other operations on the links, like copying, or opening in a new tab/window.

Actually, pentadactyl user willsALMANJ maintains signed pentadactyl releases that you can use with normal FF:


> about six months ago, Firefox banned unsigned addons

If you use other Firefox editions besides the standard one then you still can use unsigned addons, based on what I've read. [0] The other editions include ESR, nightlies, Developer, and Unbranded.

Of course, these editions are not intended for most end-users.

[0] https://wiki.mozilla.org/Addons/Extension_Signing

I use Vimperator since 2009, and it's been pretty good lately. No breaks with updates. Furthermore, it rarely crashes with multiprocessing enabled, despite being incompatible.

You have been able to use it with more recent versions by building from source since forever

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