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I did used to ponder over this sort of mystery, but I realized the actual answer to this lied at the particle level as explained in QED by Feynman: A positron can be treated as an electron traveling backwards in time. When it collides with an electron, the two create a photon. Should you ever come close to the speed of light, one way to "exceed" it would require a collision with your anti-matter self, resulting in (self-obliteration and...) photons from everyone's else's point of view. Of course, assuming my understanding is correct, it's also possible that you transform into your anti-matter self... bizarre. Going forward again would require some similar interaction, but I seem to recall formulating a thought experiment where this violates causality, making either the whole idea impossible even from a Relativistic standpoint or forcing some denial of causality, which would make other dependencies on causality (such as science itself) unreliable.

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