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> That's normal, in my experience; the plates transfer with the car.

What? No they do not. The plates stay with the person not the car. You can transfer the plates from car to car as well.

> Do you live in a place where one must obtain new plates immediately after purchasing a car?

Where do you live that you don't????

Are you sure that in your state plates transfer with the car? What state is that, because I would like to look that up.

That's not true in California, at least. Plates stay with the car unless they're vanity plates.

This is the part that confused me the most. Why wouldn't they just make the new owner get new plates? It's completely trivial.

Apparently you are not allowed to (supposed to?) keep the plates in CA. At first, I thought the new owner was using the plates illegally.

Costs some $

And it costs the seller money to get new plates for his new car. Somebody in the transaction will have to buy new plates.

Different states have different laws:


They do in California.

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