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lol. you should test your theory in e.g. japan or hmmm saudi arabia.

one might even say that there are countries that follow the law ... religiously.

non anglophone countries also include most of europe. please put a little more thought into your racism. you get a point for originality but it's not nearly as entertaining when it's so weak logically.

> or hmmm saudi arabia.

The place where the rich have alcohol (illegal) fueled sex orgies (illegal) without any consequences?

rich people get away with illegal stuff in all countries, i don't think that's up for debate. i was talking about normal people that laws actually apply to.

but i mean, yeah, i guess you're technically correct, rich people break the law all the time in saudi arabia without any consequence. film at 11.

I didn't say they didn't respect the law. I said they don't respect the rule of law. Rule of law is the idea that justice is not arbitrary, it does not stem from the whims of divine kings or power itself.

Authority must be legitimate, emanating from a constitution that was voted on by the people and exercised by representatives of the people. Not an unelected monarch or tyrant or oligarchy.

The English invented the concept and were the first to practice it. It's so infused in Anglo culture that violations of the principle are considered so beyond the pale that we call for, and often get, prison sentences for violators.

The book to read here is:


Other nations have laws, but only Anglo nations are really ruled by them. Western Europe is an interesting case. The French constitution grants the President near-dictatorial emergency powers, which is how democracy and rule of law is commonly subverted in less-affluent nations. That the French are on their Fifth Republic should tell you how fragile the political institutions really are there.

The same is true of the rest of W Europe. They're heads and tails over the rest of the world including Russia and China. But you can't call yourselves a stable democracy if 70 years ago, you let fascists destroy your legislative systems so as to put your country to war, as Germany, Spain, and Italy did. How can you have rule of law if you let dictators decide what the law is?

The European Union is a grand experiment in finding Europe a babysitter so that doesn't happen again.

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