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Every time I mess with Fedora I have to screw around with selinux trying to figure out how to make ~/.ssh/authorized_keys work. Every time I need to google the stupid magic incantation that makes things work (that normally should "just work") because I can just never remember it.

I have always run SELinux on Fedora/CentOS/RHEL and I don't remember a time where I had issues with authorized_keys. The only thing recently I recall about ssh is that is complains if the files in .ssh are not mode 600.

SELinux has come a long way since RHEL4 days.

I'm not talking about RHEL4. I'm talking recent Fedoras (within the last year or 2). Making a brand new ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file has never worked for me without running restorecon (which is the thing I can never remember).

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