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The name (or title) drop might effect appropriate urgency, seems legit.

Edit: Don't downvote people trying to help me improve my english. :(

Your usage is actually correct. Which is great, considering many native English speakers get this one wrong. The heuristic we hear in school is something like "use 'affect' as a verb and 'effect' as a noun," which like many grammar heuristics is of course an oversimplification of reality. Usage of effect as a verb isn't super common in general conversation by native English speakers whereas I think most might choose to say something like "establish authority" instead in this case, but still your intention is still clear.


Because the other comment didn't spell it out: effect is correct there. Effect as a verb means something like "to cause to happen". Don't pretend effect/affect is just a noun/verb split. Both words have meanings as both verbs and nouns. It's best to just learn both meanings of each instead of following some rule that's wrong a fair amount of time.

Mary Norris, copy editor at the New Yorker, has a wonderful short video on this: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/comma-queen-af...

I don't care if Jesus, director of grammar in heaven said this....

Just kidding.

Effect is correct here.


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