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What do you define "fast"? Yes, most of the time you (the anectodal you) probably have LTE coverage everywhere, but that coverage is not universal even in high-tech places like Sillicon Valley and can vary wildly when just moving around for a bit.

As I said - if you'll actually look data in aggregate, you'll notice that people love to use their mobile devices for reading the web on commutes. Millions and millions of people devoting their morning/afternoon commute time to reading the internet on their mobile devices and mobile coverage in those conditions is nowhere close to "universal LTE without packet loss". A lot of cities (heck, even CalTrain in SV) have spotty commuter line coverage, especially when cells get loaded due to large amount of clients. Those people will then get crappy experience if you just assume everyone has LTE.

Is anectodal feeling data really how you design and optimize your software for end-users? :/

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