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mbasic.facebook.com is nice for when you want to save the bandwidth, but the experience is nowhere near as nice as the main website. It only loads the first 2 stories or so, requiring you to click forward many times.

It also downscales all the media down, making it hard to appreciate a lot of things.

The main facebook site makes a lot of media requests to preload the things you're going to start reading immediately.

the main facebook site doesn't attempt to scale to the connection speed, which is unfortunate, but it offers a much better experience for those who have the bandwidth to pull in the pictures. Especially for the primary use case (scroll a bunch to see a bunch of people's stuff)

I can see 8 stories on each page on mine, but I agree the images are smaller than I'd like. You have to click the image to get to the image page and then click "View Full Size" to see the full image. But with vimperator, it's much faster to get to that point than it sounds. On the other hand, simply clicking on videos delivers the full raw video, no slow Facebook video player/wrapper needed.

I wouldn't want Facebook to scale things to my bandwidth. That gives me less control over what I see because the system is making mostly arbitrary decisions for me.

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