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If you use vimperator (http://www.vimperator.org/) on Firefox, put this in your ~/.vimperatorrc so you can disable CSS with the "s" character (and re-enable it with Shift-S). It removes 99% of bullshit from web pages and allows you to read articles the way Tim Berners-Lee intended, guaranteed!

    nmap s :emenu View.Page Style.No Style<CR>
    nmap <S-s> :emenu View.Page Style.Basic Page Style<CR>

Thanks. This is actually really great. Not only for testing my own web sites, but also for getting rid of a lot of the bullshit on other sites. I'll try to remember I have this shortcut now!

If you don't use Vimperator, reader mode's usually good for this, too.

My only issue with reader mode is that many sites seem to beat it with the stupid"load rest of article button" so you can't just load it all through reader.

On iOS I usually try to load articles in between stops in the subway and frequently cannot get just the article without being bothered by the rest of the nonsense on the page. I am ooen to the idea I might be just using readermode wrong but I'd have it on by default if I could be assured I'd actually get a full article each time.

Opera has or used to have a user styles feature, that you can use to do something similar, I used to dump the sites CSS and use my own.

It also has a disable images button.

Is there a significant difference between this function and simply hitting the standard View -> Page Style -> No Page Style menu?

Nope, it's just quicker. Also, my menu bar is hidden and I don't know how to get to it.

Press alt to see the menu.

Alt-vyn to disable site styles

Alt-vyb to enable site provided css again

Neat, thanks. Works identically with the slightly smaller fork called Pentadactyl (http://5digits.org/pentadactyl/).

For me it turns every page completely blank.

You can get similar results by toggling usermode:

    map s :set invusermode <CR>
Then you can just use the same key to switch back and forth.

I've actually just been disabling css via umatrix, but yes. I've found that disabling JS makes sites load at decent speeds, and disabling CSS makes sites readable again.

I'd love to be able to control umatrix via vimperator though

That's... such a good idea.

Thank you, this is terrific!

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