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"We live in the "call out culture" and, ironically, it's how Donald Trump gained so much momentum. People have reacted to this by staying silent instead of explicitly stating their views publicly and creating conversations, opportunities for learning, and ideation."

Of course, let's also not forget that there is a culture that has made a point of shouting down contrarian or critical viewpoints when a discussion could be initiated.

Worried that perhaps some vaccinations are unnecessary? You're a stupid anti-vaxxer.

Critical of environmental science methodology? You're a climate change denier (and probably in the pocket of Big Oil).

Not a fan of how Black Lives Matter conducts some of their protests, or perhaps you think that using ID to combat potential voter fraud is a valid idea? You're a racist.

Not a supporter of a specific presidential candidate? Well, it's probably because you're a misogynist...and there's a good chance you're rather deplorable as well.

That's a good part of why people have stayed silent: they're demonized before a conversation can begin. It's not necessarily because they didn't want to have a conversation.

There's a difference between " shouting down contrarian or critical viewpoints when a discussion could be initiated" and "shouting down people who are rehashing tired old arguments that looks exactly the same as the arguments put forth by people who are already known to be operating in bad faith"

I would counter that a) perhaps some parties don't know that they're using "tired old arguments" (if it is new to them) and b) the "bad faith" may be assumed, rather than known.

If you're being shouted down, regardless of why one party thinks you should be shouted down, your worldview and opinion of the opposite party will be strongly affected.

Willing to negotiate on immigration? You're "pandering in the name of a solution" and your bill "effectively wipes out the Republican Party."

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