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A possible explanation is that those who have children know that they take quite a lot of attention/focus.

but those who have children also know (more than people without children) that having children didn't stop them from achieving their success

This assumes they had kids before becoming a success. What about the people who achieved success first, and then had kids? They might believe the exact opposite.

And if you're a partner at a VC firm with toddlers, it's quite likely you did things in that order.

This is the reasoning.

It's enormously exacerbated for female founders with young children. And God forbid you be pregnant or planning to have more.

Of course, it's an entirely reasonable thing to think.

A good parent spends more time with their children than anything else.

And I've dropped the ball on work stuff when I had more important life stuff to handle.

And I'd skip using some contracting firm (or anyone/thing else) if I thought they'd take off for greener pastures as soon as they found a better client.

Combine those things and nobody reasonable will enter into a critical deal with a new/upcoming parent where that person is in the critical path. It's not PC to say this, but you'd be a fool to discount it. And If that person doesn't prioritize their children you probably don't want to deal with them simply because of that.

fwiw, the same logic applies to anyone with any non-business focus that outweighs their business focus. From cancer to marathon running. This is your life too and blowing your chances on misguided charity doesn't let you take the time to raise your children or nurture your sick spouse.

> A good parent spends more time with their children than anything else.

This isn't necessarily true. However, sleep deprivation (rather than actual hours spent with the kids) is a big problem.

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