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Peripherally related book recommendation: https://www.amazon.com/Vital-Question-Evolution-Origins-Comp... Someone here on HN recommended it to me and it was an awesome read (that I doubt I understood).

In line with this, I'd also like to recommend 'The Gene'[0]. The author has informed me of new things (Even though I studied biochemistry during college) and also focused a lot on the ethical discussions relating to genetic modification. It also directly discusses CRISPR as it is quite new. I'd recommend all of Mukherjee's other books as well (Mainly Emperor of all Maladies).


I'd second this recommendation - currently reading it right now and it has the nice combination of being really interesting and really easy to read. Mukherjee's style is really clear and enjoyable.

I really loved this book -- it's definitely highly recommended by many folks (I think know Bill Gates was a big fan). But I don't recall it containing much -- if anything at all -- about CRISPR?

It doesn't directly. However, in reading the article I was able to think about what I learned about prokaryotes, archaea, and generally just feel like having read that book I enjoyed the article a lot more, if that makes sense? :)

Ah got it -- I thought maybe I missed something in there! Was a great book, for sure.

I listened to the audio book and must state that it's very involved and not really for the layman like me. I got lost on the eukaryotes explanation which lost me for much of the other topics.

I've found audiobooks (and podcasts) to be great for lighter reading, but I tend to drift in and out. That's not a great system for something more scaffolded like a textbook where you have to thoroughly understand each part in order to build the next piece on top

As someone who is severely dyslexic: basically the only way I can consume large amounts of written content in an acceptable amount of time is audio book. Thankfully- I'm pretty sure listening to an audio book for me is the same level of comprehensible intake as a non-dyslexic via written word. :)

IIRC it was on Bill Gates' book list last year.

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