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I'm reading this and thinking yes.. YES.. I recognise the phenomenon she's describing, I see a lot of downside in online discussion.. and then:

> One reason I have hope for a solution is that I do find I can speak more openly on Facebook than elsewhere, so maybe that’s a clue about what direction social media 2.0 might take.


Well that makes sense because if (big IF) you are wise enough to select your Facebook friends from people you actually know and you actually like, this will mimic much closely having a offline discussion, just using a media that can reach more people. For instance most of my Facebook friends are people which I interact with in the real world.

Maybe a friend limit ? That would make people think more about who they have. I wonder what sort of effect that would have.

This has been explored in many places, like path. It has yet to stick.

It is also easy to confine yourself in a bubble with this approach. It is possible to avoid it, but very hard.

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