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Do you know of a good tutorial on how to quickly get set up on one of these? I would gladly join but have never really been able to figure out how.

(I'm looking to self host.)

I would assume it's just a case of installing your chosen software package on a web server. I don't know how easy that is. The more mature packages are probably better-documented in this regard.

It took me about 15 minutes to install GNU Social just now (I already had a webserver with php and mysql)

I haven't tried mastodon, but gnu social is pretty easy. There aren't enough tutorials on installing it, but I've had luck with the following (which I'm quoting myself from having posted them to previous comments):

* https://www.codeword.xyz/2015/09/27/self-hosting-gnu-social/

* https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/revisiting-open-source-s...

For GNU Social, set up a ServerPilot stack on Ubuntu (it's a PHP/MySQL app and the ServerPilot stack works a-okay for this).

For Mastodon, deploy their Docker image?

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