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Personally, I always wanted to see a site that has ads and is free to read, but charges a small fee to create an account - just to see if it would help reduce trolling and sock puppets.

Do you mean something like Metafilter? [0]

Anonymous users see ads. Authenticated users don't. It costs $5 for an account.

They have run funding drives but, to date, $5/user keeps the lights on and provides a small crew of moderators each a modest stipend.

[0] http://www.metafilter.com

Edit: spelling, grammar.

Or The WELL, which has the best interface hands down of any social network -- but it's filled with a homogeneous paste of same-aged, same-politics, same-favorite-Dead-live-bootleg Classic Nerd-Hippies.

SomethingAwful does this, it works.

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